12 Unique Hen Party Ideas

Been put in charge of planning THE Hen party? Your brides’ final single days certainly call for some unforgettable celebration. Pulling off the perfect Hen Party can be daunting for some, but don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get started. Whether you’re thinking of an afternoon or a full weekend, there’s something in this list for every bride.

Murder Mystery Hens

Mingle & murder! For an air of mystery and excitement, look no further than a Murder Mystery Themed Party Package. Murder Mystery parties get the whole Hen party talking and interacting in a fun and lively way. This experience is centred around the hen, but all the hens will have a part to play in the thrill of unravelling the murder plot. This option provides hours of unforgettable entertainment.

Adventure Activities

Got an adventurous bride-to-be on your hands? An action-filled adventure package might be the way to go, keep your bride and her hens on their toes! There are loads of different adventure activities you could organise for the hen party from zip-lining, hiking, mountain biking or maybe a fun water sports package with kayaking, rafting or even some banana boating. Getting the party out of their comfort zone is bound to get the adrenaline and laughs going. Great long-lasting Hen Party memories are a guarantee with this one.

Mini Boat Cruises

For a real change of scenery, why not book a mini cruise for all the girls? This is a novel and fun way to get the party started with most cruises having a fully licensed bar and DJ. A boat cruise is a great way to keep everyone together to get to know each other and the beautiful scenery makes for enviable photos. This option is flexible too as you can still go for a meal beforehand or keep the party going afterwards.

Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

A classic and popular option with Hen parties is the Treasure Hunt. Clues, cheeky challenges and lots of daring – a treasure hunt party is an exciting way to see more of the town, get chatting to the locals and engage in some general messing! Your facilitator arranges the whole experience for you and is bound to have everyone in high spirits win or lose.

Themed Experience – Father Ted

Does your bride love Father Ted or see herself as a bit of a Mrs Doyle? A hilarious Hen party package available in Leitrim has Hens dress up in full character and take part in Father Ted themed games. Even for the Hens who have never seen Father Ted, The Mrs Doyle and Her Grannies Experience will guarantee tears of laughter. Sure, go on, go on, go on!

Game Show Centred Hen Parties

Every Hen party needs some fun and games but these packages take it to the next level! Game packages are a fast-paced way for all your hens to get to know each other and have plenty of laughs. Hens will compete against each other at a variety of different games with something to everyone. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to increase the comradery amongst your hens!

Cocktail Making Classes

Prepare to master the art of mixology, as cocktails with the girls takes on a fun twist. Equipped with a professional bartender, your party will be shown how to make the most delicious concoctions. This option is a great ice-breaker, especially if your hens don’t all know each other already. A cocktail making class is a relaxed and fun way to get the night-out going.

Laughter Yoga

Major laughs are certainly on the cards if you opt to make Laughter Yoga part of the Hen festivities. Laughter Yoga is an interactive experience that combines games, laughter exercises and fun yoga sequences. It’s an amazing way to get the Hen party started and everyone in a relaxed and happy mood.

Arts & Crafts Packages

The artful hen experience is a truly creative way to celebrate your Hen’s big day. You and the gals could try your hand at some flower crown making, watercolours or even some life drawing – a great surprise for your bride when the model is revealed! Plus, there’s no need to worry if art isn’t a natural talent. There will be expert guidance on hand whilst your hens unearth their inner artist with lots of giggles too.

Home Hen Parties

Reckon a more low-key, casual event would suit your bride-to-be best? There’s always the option to take the party to your Hen in the comfort of her own home. Though this requires a bit more planning on your part, having a hen party at home means you can tailor the activities and experience to exactly what you want to include. The opportunities are endless, you could plan some wine tasting, set up a mini spa, put together a tasteful afternoon tea, plan fun home party games such as Prosecco Pong or even a host a quiz about the bride.

Ann Summers

If you’re after a saucier option for your bride, the Ann Summers party has to be the way to go. Prepare your hens for an unforgettable night of giggles, stories, lingerie and sex toys. These parties include lots of hilarious games and activities, and who knows, you might even learn a few new things about your fellow hens!

Farm Weekend

Lastly, you could have your hens all embrace their inner (or outer!) culchie at a farm-themed hen party. A priceless experience, farm parties might have your hens milking cows, chasing chickens and all sorts of other ridiculous and entertaining activities. There’s lots of craic to be had on the farm, just don’t forget the wellies!

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