How to Organise the Ultimate Stag Do

Planning a Stag Do can be a bit of an ordeal. From planning who to invite, what you’re going to do, to making bookings and accommodation reservations - there’s A LOT to think about. With this great privilege, comes great responsibility!

However, there’s no need to panic just yet. We’ve got you sorted with a handy and simple guide to planning the bachelor party to remember. Follow our Ultimate Stag Do Checklist and you’re bound to get this right.

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Chat to the Groom

Before planning anything, it’s a good idea to have a chat with the groom about his expectations. You’ll likely need his help to decide on a guest list and check out who he actually wants there. Should the future Father-in-Law be invited or the guys from work?

It’s also worth checking out from the get-go what the groom has in mind. He might be happy for you to go ahead, plan everything and let the big event be a total surprise. Or, he might have some specific ideas in mind and even some definite no, no’s!

Start a Group Message or What’s App Group

Once you know who should be invited, you can then move on to setting up a group message or email group. This is a great way to share ideas within the group, break the ice between people who haven’t met and chat about any potential concerns.

Get the Date Locked In

Next, it’s vital you get a date set so people can make sure they are free on the night/weekend. Have a chat about suitable dates with the groom and, again, with the invited group in your message group chat. One handy way to sort the date is to have people complete a Doodle poll so they can vote on the most suitable day.

We recommend setting a date at least a week before the actually wedding date, just in case the groom needs some time to recover. We’ve all seen The Hangover!

Set the Budget

Time to talk money. Having an open conversation about the budget from the start will help avoid any awkwardness down the line. The budget will influence a lot of the following decisions such as, the location, how long you go for, activities and any extra fun bits you might want to buy closer to the date. Use the group chat to decide on this nice and early.

It’s also custom that the guests put some money aside to pay for the stag. Don’t forget to include this in your budget if you’re hoping to do similar.

Set the Itinerary

Now that a budget has been set, let’s plan the fun part! What are you going to do? Do you want to stay local or go further afield? What activities would best match the Stag’s personality and interests?

Do some research as there is plenty of choice available, we have a great list of Stag Do activities to help give you some ideas.

Book Accommodation

You’ll find lots of options when you come to booking accommodation too. You could opt to book a hotel or hostel, pitch a tent or go for a self-catering apartment. We might be a little biased, but we reckon self-catering packages make for the most stress-free and craic-fuelled Stag Do possible!

At the end of the day, go for the option that best suits the whole group and works well with your set budget.

Collect the Cash

The next job is to start collecting some money for the reservations and deposits. While everyone wants to have a good time, you don’t want to be left footing the bill if someone decides to drop out last minute. Asking the lads for their contributions shouldn’t be too uncomfortable either as this will be something you’ve set out from the beginning.

Buy any Final Props or Outfits!

Another fun job is organising some silly fancy-dress outfits or personalised t-shirts to unite the stag party. Did someone say superheroes, or was that mankini?!

If you’re going for personalised bits and pieces, be sure to order these a few weeks in advance in case they take a while to arrive.

Organise a Few Surprises

No stag do is really complete without a couple of hilarious and embarrassing surprises for the man of the night. You might want to plan a few extra games, quizzes, pranks or dares centred around the groom. This last extra bit of effort is what will make the party memorable for all involved.

Let’s do this!

You did it – time to finally enjoy all your efforts with one last big blow out for your best mate. Well done, we reckon you’ve nailed it!



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